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I am reading a book titled Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber.  It isn’t that good of a book at all.  I was drawn to it because it is centered on a group of women in a knitting class. The knitting is what caught my eye.  It isn’t crocheting but yarn is in use.  It is an okay book at best, but I did find a few quotes in that caught my eye and imagination. These quotes explain exactly why I love to crochet.  Those who also love to crochet or knit will understand instantly. Those who never have crocheted or knitted may gain and understanding of the passion that drives us who do.  The (crochet) is me and not the person I am quoting. 


When individual fibers are knitted (crochet) together with a thread of emotion, they become an original, personal design.  This creative process is my joyful obsession

--- Emily Myles, Fiber Artist www.emyles.com



One of the joys of owning my yarn store is the pleasure I derive from teaching people how to knit (crochet).  I whish I could explain how much delight it gives me to share my love of knitting (crocheting) with others.   . . . The projects I knit (crochet) are an extension of me, an expression of my love for the person I’m knitting (crocheting) for.  And  - - -  something else I love about knitting (crocheting) - - - when I’m working with my needles (yarn), I link myself with hundreds of thousands of women through the centuries. 


Lydia Goetz, a character in the book Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. 


I love that quote. I taught someone else at work how to crochet.  She is as in love with crocheting as I am.  We share projects and patterns and yarn and ideas every day.  It is great fun.

I also love the way this quote expresses why those of us who love to crochet or knit do love it.   The projects I crochet are an extension of me.  I picture the bride or the loved one or the baby I am crocheting for.  All my best wishes and prayers and my love are crocheted into each stitch that I work.  I feel close to the person for whom I am crocheting. 


Any one else agree?


Just a few more quotes for pure fun.


“Creating and processing exotic yarns has given new meaning to adding fiber to my diet.”

---Kathy Haneke, Heneke Enterprises, Inc., yarn shop and fiber processing mill.


The simple meditative act of knitting (crocheting may nt bring about world peace, but it certainly has made my world more peaceful.”

-         - - - Ann budd, book Editor, Interweave Press, Author of numerous knitting books. 


“If more people knitted and crocheted, the world would see fewer wars and a whole lot less road rage.” 


--- Lily chin, www.lilychinsignaturecollection.com


Apr. 4th, 2008 04:54 pm (UTC)
I do too.



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