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(I c&p'd this from my indiepublic blog)
I have a livejournal for Sleepy Panda Crochet but I don't update very much (translation: at all) about what's going on with SPC or where (if anywhere) I'm headed. I feel like organizing my thoughts so I'll blather on in this blog and hopefully get some helpful friendly feedback from my new indiepublic buddies.

Sleepy Panda Crochet on Etsy
After reading Stacey'sBlog entry Cult Of Etsy...and several others about selling online I am starting to seriously question whether or not it makes sense for me to have an etsy shop. I think for the time being I will keep it up while trying other sites as well. Right now I have two hats up at www.mintd.com. I've only had the mintd shop for 2 days. I'm just trying to get a feel for what kind of exposure different sites will provide.
Those of you who sell on mintd, do you have other shops as well? Have you had many sales at mintd?
Please feel free to recommend a selling site!

Spring Summer For Sleepy Panda Crochet
In the past I just slacked off in during spring/summer as I was concentrating mostly on hats. I'm planning on expanding my stock A LOT. Even if that means employing skills other than crocheting.
I have some pretty cute and fun ideas for projects I really can't wait to get started on. There's just not enough hours in the day! I crochet pretty damn fast and still it's not fast enough to keep up the ideas popping into my mind left and right. I'm trying to keep it simple so as to not get overwhelmed but I definitely want to challenge myself more.
Crocheters and Knitters (and anyone, really), what kinds of items do you find sell best in spring/summer?
If you make plushies, how well do those sell for you?

Sleepy Panda Crochet Patterns
I usually free-form when I crochet. If it looks right in the end I don't question the steps taken to get there no matter how many odd stitches I may throw in here and there.
Recently I've been considering actually writing down some of the patterns I come up with and putting them up for sale.
For those of you who sell patterns what would be reasonable pricing?
I'm thinking a booklet of 10-20 fridge magnet (fridgies!) patterns to start. Eventually a shawl and some amigurumi cuties!

Sleepy Panda Handspun Fun!
I have purchased my drop spindle and a bit of fiber and plan to start spinning (and dying (especially interested in using kool aid! for dying) ASAP!
I'm very excited about it. I'm such a yarn addict! I'm sure once I start spinning I wont be able to stop.
I'd love any tips, advice, books, helpful links, etc.

Crochet Lessons!
Last Monday (3-10-08) I started teaching my best friend and two other gals how to crochet. I get such a great feeling from teaching that I'm thinking of offering more classes should this set be a success.
If you're in the Boston, MA area and are interested in learning to crochet drop me a line!

Well folks if you read through all that you are a real trouper! As I said before I would greatly appreciate any positive feedback, advice, etc.
I am really interested in making more crafty friends so send me a message if you'd like to chat.

And now finally....Something I've been working on...(sorry for the poor photo quality. Took the pic with my phone :P)

Teeny Tiny Cupcakes

I like the 2nd attempt better ^_^


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Mar. 14th, 2008 06:04 am (UTC)

I've read through the entire post coz I am a crochet addict too! :)

I am not a resident of the US so there are somethings I can't really comment on. However, there are people I know from my local community who own Etsy shops too. I am not keen on opening one though coz I find the rules there too stringent. So I prefer to make things for friends and personal use. Selling could be kinda stressful, especially when I am not a full time crocheter. To me, in order to keep the traffic to the Etsy site flowing, there needs to be frequent updates of new items, but I am just afraid that my schedule don't allow me to come up with new products in a short time ;-P

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