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Starbucks, crocheting and heat


I spent the last weekend at my nieces wedding.  It was a big family party.  I have been writing that entry for two days.  I am still not done.  It will be long.  One thing I will share.  My dad has made it his job to get me hooked on Starbucks.  I don’t mind Starbucks but it isn’t necessary to my life.  I don’t like sweet coffee.  I don’t need to spend four bucks for coffee.  Dad loves Starbucks.  He has his GPS programmed to find all Starbucks when they travel.  On our trip to the wedding, Dad would stop at Starbucks and he and Mom would discuss what to buy me.  They choose a chocolate chip mint frappiccino.  I love it.  I may be hooked.  Not four dollars a day hooked, but four dollars on occasion hooked.  Oh when Dad is buying hooked.  LOL


It is the first day of August.  That is a little depressing. It means that summer is almost over.  I love summer. Today the heat index is going to be 106 degrees, but I would rather have that then cold any day.  I like the heat and I don’t mind the real heat. I love the long days of daylight.  I love not having to wear tons of clothing.  I love everything about summer really.

My entire family is still excited about the new baby that is on its way.  Now that is a good thing that will happen this winter. I have many crochet patterns that I have been saving for just such an occasion.


 I am crocheting an afghan for my cousin/nephew who lost his home in the tornado.  I say cousin/nephew not because we are a strange family with strange marriages but because he is my cousin but he calls me aunt because of the difference in our ages. His mother is my aunt.  My grandmother had two families.  My mother and her sister and two brothers are from her first husband.  Years after their dad died, my grandmother married again and had three daughters with that husband.  My mother’s younger three sisters are my age.  One is a year and a few months older than I am, one is two months older than I am and his mother is about eighteen months younger than I am.  We had great fun when were kids because of our ages.  We would tell our friends that we were cousins because it was too hard to explain our real relationship. The kids call me aunt because I am like an aunt to them. 


When I am finished with that afghan, I have another to do for the son of a friend.  He is in the military.  His home burned down. His family is safe but lost everything.  I will do another afghan for him. 





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